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Crop Insurance Deadlines


Please note the Acreage Reporting deadline changes for Alfalfa Seed.  Established and Fall Seeded fields must be reported by 12/15, Spring Seeded fields should be reported by 7/15.  As a reminder, Alfalfa Seed is only insurable when grown under a seed contract; copies of your processing contracts must be provided to our office by the acreage reporting deadlines.

We want to remind growers that the Sales Closing, Production Reporting, Final Plant Date and Acreage Reporting all have critical reporting deadlines. Growers should become familiar with crop insurance dates and decide by this date as to which type of policy and the level of protection they want for the upcoming year.

The Sales Closing Date is the last date to apply for crop insurance coverage for any of the various Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) policies or make changes in coverage from the previous year.
The Production Reporting Date is the latest date production reports will be accepted for inclusion in the database used to calculate approved APH yields for the current crop year.

  • Please note that you must be able to provide records to verify your production history in the event of a claim.
  • If made known to us that production will not be completed or available by the deadline, a substitute yield can be used. This substitute yield can then be corrected with the actual when reporting production next year.
  • If you fail to report production, 75% of last year’s yield is used.
The Final Plant Date is the date contained in the special provisions by which the crop must initially be planted in order to be insured for the full production guarantee or amount of insurance per acre.
The Acreage Reporting Date is the deadline to report the share of all acreage of an insured crop in the county whether insurable or not.

  • It is important that the acreage you report to us is the same as that you report/certify to at the FSA office; please provide a copy of your FSA 578.

It is also a good time of year reevaluate your risk and review your farming operations with your agent. Are you growing any new crops that are not currently covered under your policy or have you purchased new land? Have you changed any farming operations? Please contact our agency today at (559) 448-8030 and schedule an appointment with our agents to review your coverage.

Baird Crop Insurance Agency and Jerry Baird Insurance Agency can help review your coverage and make sure your crops are insured properly and develop a farm package policy to meet your individual needs.

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