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We insure all types of business' from large to small and take pride in serving a wide array of the farmers and agribusiness' in the San Joaquin Valley of California.

USDA Farm Bill Swiss Army Knife
2014 Farm Bill
USDA website
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The 2014 Farm Bill and You
AgriLogic Insurance Services
University of California Statewide Integrated Pest Management Project
Great site for weather history data and forecasts for optimum Cotton Planting.
california department of water resources
California Department of Water Resources
Weekly Water Supply Conditions
fresno county farm bureau
RMA online
RMA Online
The USDA Risk Managment Agency Official Website
USDA agriculture
Keep California Farming
Keep California
Educating, informing and bringing awareness to the general public about the current lack of water supply being given to farmers in California
USDA agriculture
California Drought FAQ
The USDA Risk Managment Agency Official Website
Farm Employers Labor Service
The goal of FELS is to assist subscribers in avoiding costly labor management mistakes.

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